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Shop Local and Support Small Business at Indigo & Sage!

At Indigo & Sage, we have items from local crafters, artisans and other small Iowa business vendors. Here are a few of the vendors you will find in our shop:

Breathe & Detox

Relax & Unwind

Get it ALL!

variety of Wines

Variety Of Wines

Indigo & Sage carries a variety of wines from Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery in Carroll, Iowa! From sweet to dry, smooth to tangy, we have your wine needs covered!

Fill the room

Variety Of Candles

Milkhouse Candle Co is a family owned Iowa business that has produced wonderful products for the last 20+ years! We carry a wide variety of scents from bakery to floral, and always have Seasonal scents available!

Heal Again

Feel Whole Again

Our newest small business vendor is Heal Again Co, located in Exira, Iowa. We are so pleased to be able to carry these locally sourced products!


Halotherapy Infrared Sauna

Breathe & Detox

Whether you want just a salt therapy session, a heat therapy session or both, this booth offers you the choice for what meets your needs! 

This Amazing Booth Offers Five Possible Therapies!!

  • Halo (Salt) Therapy-Breathe In The Salty Air!
  • Infrared Sauna (Heat) Therapy-Sweat & Detox!
  • Aromatherapy-With Essential Oils!
  • Sound Therapy- Listen To A Meditation Or Solfeggio Frequencies!
  • Chromo (Light) Therapy-To Enhance Your Experience!
  • Introductory Prices: $20 For Your First 20 Minute Salt Or Sauna Session
  • $40 For Your First Salt And Sauna Session (30-45 Minutes)
Salt Sessions

First Session Salt

20 minutes

Single Salt Session

20-minute Salt Therapy session
Heat Sessions

First Session Heat

20 minutes

Single Heat Session

20-minute Heat Therapy session

Why not both?

Salt & Heat Sessions

First Session Salt & Heat

30-45 minutes

Single Heat & Salt Session

30-45-minute Salt Therapy session

1-Month Unlimted

Salt OR Heat

1-Month Unlimited

Salt & Heat
Add a massage to your sessions for discounted prices!


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